With a year of work by Philip Adams he explores the interaction between sea and land.
At Qdos Fine Arts in Lorne this exhibition will be open from 3rd to 15th of February

Philip Adams & Paul Waycott Exhibition at Sorrento

Philip Adams & Paul Waycott
Floating Across Land and Sea

Saturday 30th December to 8th January

Manyung Gallery Sorrento
113 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento

For the past twelve-months these artists have spent time on both sides of the Bay reflecting, considering and creating their art.

Philip Adams believes “it is important to reflect the meaning of a location – each vista is full of untold mysteries and beauty”, a belief beautifully captured in his Peninsula series.

Paul’s work engages the viewer to come on a journey with him and find the connection with light and shade and it’s effect on the sky and water at different times of the day.